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Le succès de Nature-Action Québec repose sur la force de notre équipe. Plus de 100 professionnels dévoués à la protection de l’environnement qui ont choisi d’œuvrer au sein d’un organisme à but non lucratif, dont ils partagent les valeurs et l’engagement. Chaque année, près de 350 projets environnementaux y sont réalisés.


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Project coordinated by the Land conservation and management team from 2020 to 2022.

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The acquisition and conservation of natural environments allows the preservation of sites with high ecological value. This ensures the protection of exceptional forest ecosystems and wetlands, which are particularly important wildlife habitats for several species at risk. More specifically, the current conservation campaign targets the protection of over 300 hectares (ha) in the heart of Montreal’s green and blue belt and the Trois-Rivières region. View on this map the targeted areas.


This campaign stems from the Projet de partenariat pour les milieux naturels project, which aims to improve Quebec’s network of protected areas through the acquisition of private land, particularly in the southern part of the province where biodiversity is rich and ecosystems are under the greatest pressure in Quebec.


Nature Action Québec (NAQ) and other conservation organizations are carrying out this project. This initiative is the result of a grant of more than $13M awarded to the Nature Conservancy of Canada (NCC) by the Quebec Ministry of the Environment and Climate Change Control (in French: Ministère de l’Environnement et de la Lutte contre les changements climatiques du Québec [MELCC]).




Protecting natural environments that are rich in biodiversity contributes to the physical and mental well-being of neighbouring communities, especially in peri-urban settings. The conservation of these green spaces also ensures the preservation of essential habitats for many species.


More specifically, conserving natural environments offers many benefits such as:

  • Making access to green spaces near cities easier. The COVID-19 pandemic has confirmed this need in order to preserve the physical and mental health of our communities.


  • Providing better knowledge of the biological wealth and the ecological services offered by the area’s numerous waterways, forests, rich wetlands and the great diversity of fauna and vegetation inhabiting it.


  • Protecting the services provided by healthy ecosystems, which includes carbon sequestration, securing and filtering our water supply, and mitigating the effects of urban heat islands, among others.


  • Preserving the many psychological benefits related to the presence of green spaces.
  • To protect 300 ha of natural environments in our region through legal agreements.


  • To increase the area of protected natural environments in perpetuity in Montreal’s green and blue belt and the Trois-Rivières area.


  • To raise awareness among landowners, municipalities and communities about the importance of protecting natural environments.


For more details about this project, please refer to our project flyer.




Essential support


For this ambitious project to succeed, we need the help and commitment of citizens, businesses, foundations and municipalities. The donations we collect will contribute to the acquisition of precious natural environments. NAQ then ensures their protection in perpetuity by legal means. Your support will ensure that future generations will be able to enjoy the benefits that our natural environments provide us today!


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Other ways to protect nature

You can also contribute to the protection of natural environments by other means, including the donation of your land. For more information, to learn more about the various conservation options or to make a major donation to this project, please contact our Land conservation and management team.





Over the past 15 years, our organization has developed the capacity to acquire properties in order to protect them in perpetuity. Over time, NAQ has become a valued actor in the conservation of sites with high ecological value, and our numerous accomplishments attest to our expertise.

  • Acquisition and protection of over 1,100 ha of natural environments on our behalf since 2007.


  • Guidance provided to more than 1,000 owners towards tailored voluntary conservation measures for the protection of 10,500 ha.


  • Finalist for the 2020 Nature Inspirations Awards in the category “Non profit organization (Large)” regarding our conservation projects.




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